This system has been instrumental in offering Bella a life where she is significantly less anxious and where I have the control of her behaviour.  This relieves her of her stress and to be no longer concerned about her environment.


I have learned WHY a dog does what it does, leading me to be able to work with dog owners to correct unwanted behaviour.


My method is simple and effective and primarily fosters a wonderful, significant relationship between the dog and their owners. 


My method consists of teaching the owners how to understand and know their dogs mind and thereby having the knowledge to change unwanted behaviours, gaining a well- behaved, adorable friend.


I show owners how to take the lead and show their dogs in a kind and gentle manner, what is acceptable behaviour.

My Bella has become a very well-adjusted dog, and she is my world – like your dogs, I am sure are to you.


My objective as a dog trainer and behaviourist is to assist people to live with their dogs that they love so much without stressing over behaviour they don’t understand and feel they cannot fix.


I want to show dog owners how your pooch can be another wonderful member of the family.


We all want to live in accord with our dogs, and I am here to assist you to achieve this!


So what is different about my methods?


Simply put, I will show you a method that is simple, effective and will last a lifetime!


Together we will work on a solution to the unwanted behaviour and I will demonstrate to you why your best friend does what they do and what you are able to do to correct it.


I will give you all the tools you need to succeed.


You do not need to pay for multiple lessons or send your dog away for training.


You want your dog to obey YOU, is that right?


I am able show you how to work with your dog so they will trust and respect you.


They will follow your instructions… not because they fear you but because you are a worthy leader to follow!

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