Are you dealing with challenges from your dog?

Barking, Leash pulling, Biting, Stress or something else?

Did you just adopt a new dog and are looking for some help?

Would you just love to have your dog's trust and respect?

Would you really just enjoy a dog that obeys and does what you ask?

I can show you how to gain your dog's trust and respect without force, fear or aggression. Your dog will be well behaved and under control because you will be in charge and their leader. Your dog or dogs will follow you because they WANT to obey you.

I come to your home and work with you and your dog for around 2 – 3 hours.


The solution that we put together can be tailored to:


     You and the people involved with your dog or puppy;

     Your home and surroundings, obviously every home is different;

     Your dog or puppy, since every dog, much like people are different.

This is a permanent solution – not a temporary fix.

Offering personalised dog training in the
convenience of your own home

Based in Lilydale (Melbourne) and available in
surrounding areas.

ABN: 13 979 255 745

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